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Marketing  solutions
We provide you with the expertise to improve your marketing effectiveness using the following methods

The key to successful marketing is to get the right message in front of the right audience

using the right medium: focus In-depth can help.


Online website and special promotions are an ideal way to generate leads while building awareness of your products and services, as well as driving traffic to your website. From your website, from banner ads or from other promotional locations, these promotions grab attention and get results.

Web Site Development

We can offer solutions that enable our clients to gain competitive advantage and achieve measurable results. We have developed custom solutions for a range of clients. We provide comprehensive solutions including

Web design.


Web programming,

Streaming media

Free web hosting

Social media


Lead Generation and Capturing

As you gather those ever-so-valuable leads from your hard-working marketing programs
Focus In-depth develops solutions to help you generate and capture leads simply and cost-effectively.

Customers can respond directly to your marketing messages, then data is instantly emailed to sales personnel or collected in a database for easy integration into a sales contact databases.

Consulting & Strategy

Kick off or re-evaluate your strategy for effectively reaching your customer channel. Focus In-depth will consult with you on the intricacies of the accounting and finance channel, how to craft messages that work, and where to deploy your messages for maximum results.

Market Research
Get in-depth information on your target market, prospects, or customer base. Focus In-depth has the tools to gather and analyse research data to help you make better, more informed business decisions.


Print Advertising

Build your brand and product awareness with more effective print ads.

We can focus your ads on specific audience segments and/ or at local, state or national levels.

Whether you are a small business or larger organization, we can tailor the service to suit your individual requirements and there’s one thing you’ll discover that makes a difference right from the start.

We keep it simple all you have to do is provide the necessary information and criteria affecting an employee’s pay.

We do everything else – right up to providing summaries and reports sufficient to satisfy the most stringent audit.

Direct Mail

Generate more, higher quality leads, raise awareness and educate your audience with more effective direct mail programs.

We help you design and develop a program to elicit a greater response rates to meet your business objectives.

Direct Sales

Companies are spending more of their budget on telemarketing and sales agents  than any other form of direct marketing. Why?

Because Direct marketing works harder. It now accounts for more than a quarter of all spending. Services include:

Direct Sales

Sales Leads,


Lead Generation Appointment

Setting, Information Gathering, Event Building

Market Research.

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